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Eliminates gray — as easy as combing your hair
    Instantly eliminates gray in 10 minutes
    Great for targeting first grays or all over
    Shades calibrated to match your natural color
    Lasts up to 8 weeks until gray grows back

Our patented no-mix formula and specially designed comb applicator make it easy to target gray areas or simply comb throughout your hair, for natural-looking results.

No mix. No mess. Just twist & comb.
No mix. No mess. Just twist & comb.
How to use Easy Comb-in Color® in 4 easy steps
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Use as directed. Always remember to do the 48-hour skin allergy test before use.

Real guys, real results with Easy Comb-in Color®
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  • How do I best apply Easy Comb-in Color?

    Just For Men® Easy Comb-in Color is an easy, no-mix haircolor. Just comb in, wait 10 minutes and shampoo out.  For easy step-by-step instructions click here.

  • How is Just For Men® Easy Comb-in Color different from Just For Men® Shampoo-in Color?

    Both are easy to use and deliver natural-looking results. Easy Comb-in Color is great for targeted or full coverage, with a no mix formula that is as easy to apply as combing your hair with the comb-like applicator. It works in just 10 minutes. Shampoo-in Color delivers instant, full coverage in 5 minutes, but requires mixing of color base and color developer.

  • If the Easy Comb-in Color applicator doesn’t work well on my hair, how else can I apply the product?

    If the applicator doesn't work well for your hair type or length, work product through hair with gloved hands or with a comb that works well with your hair.

  • What is Just For Men® Easy Comb-in Color?

    Easy Comb-in Color is the easiest of our full gray coverage options. You just twist on the comb applicator and comb it in. You can use the comb to target gray areas or comb product throughout your hair. The patented, pre-mixed formula has no ammonia and no peroxide.

  • Will Just For Men® Easy Comb-in Color give me natural looking results?

    Yes, as long as you choose a shade close to your natural color and follow the usage instructions. Your recommended shade depends on your natural hair color and the amount of gray you have. When in doubt, go a shade lighter.

  • Will Just For Men® Easy Comb-in Color damage my hair?

    Just For Men® Easy Comb-in Color is designed to be gentle on hair. It does not contain peroxide or damaging ammonia.

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