Hair Regrowth, Made Easy.

Get the #1 recommended ingredient proven to regrow
hair - now with an easy & unique precision spray applicator.

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3-month Supply

Hey guys, this product is just for hair regrowth. It doesn’t color grays. That’s right, Just For Men… it’s not just for color anymore.

Easy & Unique Precision Spray Applicator.

Simply Smarter: Apply just where you want it
and you’re good to go. We made it guy-friendly
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That’s how we roll.


The men’s haircare experts at Just For Men know that thinning hair is the #1 concern of men, so we wanted to make using a hair regrowth product as easy as possible.

Now you can regrow hair precisely where it's thinning — using the #1 dermatologist-recommended ingredient — without the drippy mess or hassle.

Make It Even Easier:
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Special Price $35.99 Regular Price $40.50

How to Use:

Pump the sprayer 6x to apply a 1 ml dose

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