Hair Regrowth, Made Easy.

Get the #1 recommended ingredient proven to regrow
hair - now with a no mess, precision applicator.

1-month Supply
3-month Supply

Hey guys, this product is just for hair regrowth. It doesn’t color grays. That’s right, Just For Men… it’s not just for color anymore.

No mess, precision spray pump applicator.

Simply Smarter: Apply just where you want it
and you’re good to go. We made it guy-friendly
because we’re Just For Men®.
That’s how we roll.


The men’s haircare experts at Just For Men know that thinning hair is the #1 concern of men, so we wanted to make using a hair regrowth product as easy as possible.

Now you can regrow hair precisely where it's thinning — using the #1 dermatologist-recommended ingredient — without the drippy mess or hassle.

Make It Even Easier:
Get A 3-Month Supply Delivered Right To Your Door.


How to Use:

Pump the sprayer 6x to apply a 1 ml dose

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