Easy Comb-in Color – Dark Blond

Previously AutoStop

Foolproof. Can't go too dark

  • No ammonia. No peroxide
  • Enhanced formula. Better coverage roots to ends
  • 10 minutes

The Just For Men AutoStop formula shuts itself off so it can't go too dark and lasts until the gray grows back. The comb-in applicator allows for easy targeted or all-over application. 

what's in the box

  • 1. tube
  • 2. comb

note: instructions & gloves included in every box

peroxide free. ammonia free.

doesn't damage hair.

keeps hair healthy-looking and strong.


  • Easy no-mix hair color
  • Foolproof. Can’t go too dark
  • Combs away gray
  • Gives you back your natural hair color before you went gray